Apple vs. Samsung – Round One

As you may have noticed, we are now fixing Samsung devices (and look for Google LG Nexus repairs by the end of March too!). Of course, this means I had to get one to try it out and buy myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Christmas. Hey, it’s called market research – don’t hate. I still have an iPhone 4S for my personal use. Besides, what better way to compare the two to give you guys a truly professional and non-biased opinion? I ain’t no fanboy.

Now before I dive into this, let me explain that, despite the fact that I run a phone repair business, I don’t spend all of my time tweaking the settings on my phone. I’m just a basic user – most likely very similar to yourself! So I’m not going to confuse you with weird nuances and little-known bugs. I’m just gonna give you a no-nonsense rundown of what I like and what I hate about both platforms. Let’s do this!



+ iTunes! OK, now before you poop on my parade, let me say that I have been using iPhones from the beginning. They do a great job organizing music, playback inbetween songs is seamless, and all of the album pictures seem to be in place for the various albums on my iTunes account no matter if they are on a tablet, computer or phone.

+Simplicity. There is only one way to do things with Apple software – but they make sure it is a beautiful and intuitive layout. For this reason alone, I often suggest iPhones to first-time smartphone users.

+ Siri. I did not realize how amazing the voice commands were on iPhones until I started using an Android. What a difference! Apple has invested a lot of time and money into their voice recognition technology – and it shows. My favourite things to do include asking my phone to wake me up at 8:00am and to play a specific album without fail. “Siri, play Random Access Memories!” Within seconds, Daft Punk is bouncing in my earholes.

+ iMessage. Remember BBM? Yeah, me niether. Apple has created a custom interface where other Apple users can send each other free texts and images, provided they have an internet connection. Very cool!

– Proprietary Charging. Not only must you charge your device with an Apple cable, they have recently switched formats from the old-school 30-pin socket to the Lightning port. Who wants to spend a bunch of money on new cables and adapters? Not me!

– Small Screens. Apple really is behind the times when it comes to screen sizes. Sometimes, size DOES matter!

– Simplicity. Wait, wasn’t this a positive? Well often the positives are also negatives in the Apple world. It would be nice to have a little more customization on the iOS. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try using an Android device!

– iTunes. Wait wasn’t this also a positivie? Ok  you get the picture. If you want to update, back-up, download music, etc…you HAVE to use iTunes. And not just on any computer. It has to be your own (though Apple does allow you to use up to 5 devices per AppleID). It can be a bother.


+ Huge Screens! Just take a look at most any Samsung Galaxy phone and you’ll notice the screens are WAY bigger than any iPhone. This is the main reason my work phone is a Note 3…

+ Customization! The Android operating system is the king of customizing your smartphone experience. My favourite part is perhaps adding the function of my favourtie apps on the homescreen of the phone. So rather than opening an app, you can see a limited version of it right on your landing page! Weather apps with a weeks worth of forecast, your music player with full play/pause/skip functionality and you can even read your emails without diving into a program. Very handy!

+Mini USB. No proprietary plugs here! If you have a cable for a Blackberry, Nexus or maybe even a camera, you most likely also have the same plug you’ll need to charge your Samsung phone!

+The Back Button! Everybody loves this feature. You can go back one step in an app without an onscreen display. The Android platform also has a ‘Options’ button that allows you to find hidden abilities in whichever app or page you currently have open, leaving the viewing screen free to display more important information.

+ Keyboard Functionality. Seems much better than Apple surprisingly. Not only does ti

– Music. The standard music app not only has a small gap in between songs but most of my albums are missing artwork and/or end up being organized in different albums despite the fact that they should be in the same one. SO FRUSTRATING!

– Headphones. Ok so this might sound like a weird one but it turns out most headphone develpers (including Bose) don’t make Android headphones with basic up and down volume controls on them! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

– Apps. Though I am no App master by any stretch of the imagination, Apple has always had the leg up on everybody in this realm. Android just has too many variables to offer the widespread of developers. It is easier to develop for a platform that is simple, like Apple.



NOTE this list is INCOMPLETE. Will wrap up this article within the next few days….I would love to hear your feedback!


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