iRevive Mobile has been known for years for bringing quality and professional repairs to your doorstep at affordable prices. But did you know that we are an environmentally conscious company as well? Let me count the ways…

To begin, you must first understand that the very core of our business is green in nature. In the United States alone, 426,000 cellphones are decomissioned every day! That’s a lot of waste in the landfill! By having your device repaired instead of thrown away, you are helping us keep our world green. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Another direct result of using a local business, such as our own, is that you lower the amount of shipping necessary to have a working device in your hands. If you were to go to the Apple store to have your device “repaired”, you might be surprised to find out that they very rarely actually repair your device. They just replace it with a refurbished one (or remanufactured, as the Geniuses likes to say)! So how do they get these refurbished devices, you ask? Simple. They take your device in on trade, ship it to California and/or China to be disassembled and “remanufactured” and then sent back to your local Apple store for redistribution. That’s a lot of miles for just a simple little repair, don’t you think?


Now it’s true that we have to order our parts from China as well, but we can fix hundreds of devices with a single one-way shipment that weighs a heck-of-a-lot less than shipping entire electronic products around the world twice over. This is the power of supporting local business!

But it doesn’t end there! Oh no. Perhaps the most significant aspect in our green initiative is our mode of transportation. We take the bus! You heard us correctly. We run a mobile repair service using public transit, rain or shine! But don’t feel bad for us – we kinda enjoy it! And so do our wallets.

Finally, we recycle all of our packaging and damaged parts, whenever possible. Batteries, glass digitizers, metal frames, motherboards – it all gets recycled locally! Well, almost all of it is local. We have had the very special opportunity to recently start returning some damaged bits back to China where they actually get refurbished and put back into working parts to be sold back into the market. How cool is that???

So remember: when you’re using iRevive Mobile, you’re going green!